Our Work

Currently, the majority of mental health research is focused on men's mental health, with the findings applied to both men and women. This has resulted in a number of programs and prevention strategies that are unable to fully assist the mental health needs of the female population. By placing a gender lens on mental health, research has shown to be more accurate and support programs more effective.

By placing a gender lens on mental health, research has shown to be more accurate and support programs more effective.

Through a close working relationship with our beneficiaries, Liptember are able to fund research, programs and services that help support the lives of women around the country, while breaking down the stigma attached to mental health.

We're incredibly proud of the outcomes we've been able to achieve with the generous support of our partners and supporters.

Our Beneficiaries

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The Centre for Women's Mental Health

The Centre for Women's Mental Health provides expert clinical and therapeutic services for women whilst conducting research and providing education and training facilities. The Centre’s research agenda reflects priority clinical areas as well as being informed by known gaps in research within the area of women’s mental health.
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Lifeline Australia

Lifeline Australia is a national charity providing all Australians with access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. With thousands of volunteers across Australia, individuals are supported in a range of ways to deliver services, raise funds, run events and work in Lifeline shops.
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The Jean Hailes Foundation

Jean Hailes for Women's Health is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the knowledge of women's health throughout the various stages of their lives, and to provide a trusted world-class health service for women. The organisation believes in physical and emotional health and wellbeing in all its dimensions for all women in Australia throughout their lives.
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R U OK? is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging all Australians to connect and have regular, meaningful conversations with anyone struggling with life. The organisation aims to boost confidence to meaningfully connect and ask about life's ups and downs, nurture our sense of responsibility to regularly connect and support others, strengthen our sense of belonging because we know people are there for us and to be relevant, strong and dynamic.
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The Pretty Foundation

The Pretty Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation committed to empowering women and girls with the perspective, skills and support to develop and nurture a positive body image for themselves and others. The Foundation believes that prevention is the key and so our focus initially will be on building resilience in females.
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Batyr provide preventative education in the area of youth mental health. Batyr provides programs that train young people to speak about their personal experience with mental ill health and start a conversation in their community. Batyr takes these speakers into schools, universities and corporate arenas to continue this conversation around mental health. The programs engage, educate and empower the audience to learn from the experiences of others and to reach out to the great services around them.