Liptember are committed to funding mental health research, services and support programs. We're incredibly proud of the outcomes we've been able to achieve with the generous support of our partners and supporters.


Research on depression following a cancer diagnosis, and research and training for the detection and treatment of mental health disorders arising during and after pregnancy.


Trained 4 telephone crisis supporters in a certificate IV in Telephone Counselling.

Allowing Lifeline to answer an additional 1350 calls, 75% being from women.

Established an antenatal psycho-education program, providing specialist information on:

The management of mental health issues during the perinatal period (the phase that occurs during or pertaining to the phase surrounding the time of birth, from the 20th week of gestation to the 28th day of newborn life) and the adjustment to motherhood.

The aim of this program is to promote early detection of mental health issues, reduce the severity of postnatal depression, and promote secure attachment between mother and infant. This will be achieved through the program educating pregnant women and their partners about their vulnerability to depression and anxiety, with the aim of enabling early detection of a relapse of mental illness and potentially earlier access to treatment.


Funded the expansion of Lifeline's Online Crisis Support Chat

Providing a one-on-one confidential online chat session with a qualified crisis supporter, this service had its operating hours doubled from 4 to 8 hours every night, reaching thousands of extra women in need of instant support. The majority of chat users are female; with suicide still the leading cause of death for women aged 18 to 34.

Funding answered over 20,000 crisis chats

  • Almost half of these help seekers were 'thinking about suicide' today.
  • Mental health is the main reason they contacted this service.
  • Almost 60% are under the age of 24.
  • 37% of people who contacted online Crisis Support Chat reported that they would never use a phone crisis line.

Launched NBO Australia (Newborn Behavioural Observation) system

A ground breaking postnatal depression program, helping support the connection between mothers and newborns.

Funding allowed the CWMH to provide NBO training to 138 health professionals in just less than 12 months across the country.

NBO training provides midwives, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, infancy specialists, lactation consultants and allied health professionals with the knowledge and skills to use the NBO system in their clinical practice.


Expanded NBO Australia
Trained a further 238 health professionals across the country to help support the 15% of mothers who experience postnatal depression within the first year of childbirth
Funded the training of 16 new online crisis supporters
Answered 21,400 crisis chats


Development of Safe Mothers, Safe Babies program:

  • Trailing a screening process to identify women at risk of IPV (Intimate partner violence) in pregnancy.
  • Provide women identified at risk of IPV with a comprehensive clinical assessment to identify the severity and nature of the risk and to identify any associated mental health concerns, e.g. anxiety and depression.
  • Offer women experiencing IPV an intervention program focused on strategies to maintain their personal safety and wellbeing, safety of their baby and parenting support strategies.
Answered 19,567 Crisis Chats


  • Funded the launch of Australia’s first crisis text chat service
  • 14,815 online crisis chats answered
  • Development of screening questions for Safe Mothers Safe Babies program.
  • Production of Safe Mothers, Safe Babies mental health manual.
  • Further 15 staff trained in Safe Mothers, Safe Babies program.
  • Position developed for a fulltime Safe Mothers, Safe Babies Clinical Psychologist
  • Development and trial of tools to better identify and support pregnant women in situations that could put them at risk of domestic violence
  • A further 100 mothers supported by NBO Australia


  • Funded the development of Charlie's Tales, a children's book series aimed at educating young girls around self confidence and positive body image
  • Funded the direct roll out of the batyr@school program to female secondary schools across the country - 10,500 girls reached
  • Trained additional female speakers in the batyr@School program
  • Funded two facilitator training workshops
  • Refurbished and renovated a mental health centre for women to visit and be supported by Liptember’s postnatal and domestic violence programs developed in previous years.
  • Continued support of Lifeline’s online crisis chat service, which provides online crisis counselling from 7pm to 4am every night.
  • Started 4.63 million conversations with women across the country as Principle Partner of R U OK?
  • Funded a world first research study into the challenges around mental health when women age
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